The board is setup so that a dark square is in your left hand corner.Now we`ll learn which kinds of pieces there are and how they move. In chess-and that makes it so interesting- there are six different kinds of pieces with different movements and different values. Each player has got 16 pieces:

one king      K                 (k or K)                                

one queen (q or Q)    

two rooks   RR (r or R) 

two bishopsLL (l or L) *

two knights NN     (n or N) 

8 pawnsPPPPPPPP(p or P) 

Please note: White piece: upper case,

                      Black piece: lower case.


*The "L" instead of "B" for "bishop" may be a little bit irritating;  this chessfonts it`s not possible by another way. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please learn  "b" or "B"  for "bishop" !!