Special moves

Now-in our 7th lesson of this chess-course we`ll talk about special cases of moves. There is a special case of the moves with the king and one with the pawn.

First the king: In this only case! You can move two pieces!

Provided the squares between the king and rook are vacant, the king moves sideways by two squares towards the rook, and the rook takes over the square that the king has just crossed. Castling counts as a single move. It`s only permitted if neither the king nor the rook has been moved since the beginning of the game, the king is not in check (attacked), and does not pass over or finish on a square attacked by an “opponent`s piece. You have the choice of long (queenside castling), symbol:0-0-0, or short (kingside castling),symbol:0-0,  provided  the king and both rooks have not yet been moved.(look at the following  graphic).


Please note: You may NOT castle over a square that is attacked by any piece of your"opponent" look at these graphics below:



Please exercise the moves of castling.

The second special rule is a special move of the pawn- capturing en-passant:

If a pawn, coming from its starting rank, lands next to an “opponent`s” pawn by making a double move (2 squares forward as it`s first move), then the “opponent” (partnerJ) has the right, on the immediately following move, to capture it “en-passant” (in passing), just as if the pawn from the starting rank had only advanced by one square. But only in this case this move is legal! (Independent of the colour of your pieces). (see graphic below).

3rd case: a pawn promotes to a piece:

If a pawn reaches the last row (the white pawn the 8th rank or the black one the 1st rank) it promotes to a piece! You can choose the piece free (Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen) but it can`t promote to a king. (In most cases the player chooses a queen, because he get the highest materialadvantage with it.Sometimes  it`s better to choose a lower piece (for advanced players).)

Look at these graphics:


Please exercise these special cases of moves! May be a little bit difficult in the beginning.